Couch to 5k Dublin Front Runners

Running with Pride

Dublin Front Runners A.C., a running club for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans runners and our friends.

We welcome runners of all abilities, whether beginners or experienced, recreational or competitive. You don’t have to be an accomplished runner before running with the club. Our Saturday and Wednesday runs along with Fartlek training offer something for everyone.

Dublin Front Runners (DFR) continues to be true to its original mission of providing a healthy, athletic and social experience to the LGBT community. DFR is under the umbrella of the International Front Runners organization and is affiliated to the Athletics Association of Ireland.

LGBT Friendly Sports

Consider sports and people generally associate the term with a macho environment which is culturally conservative and unwelcoming to those who don’t fit in with  the stereotypical traditional athlete.

In the past and in some sporting areas today, homophobic prejudices can mean that non heterosexuals may be discouraged from taking part.

As a result grassroots LGBT-friendly sports teams have sprung up across Ireland giving more people the opportunity to take part in sport. In 2003, the Emerald Warriors rugby team became Dublin’s first openly LGBT-inclusive side to take part in competition. Although membership is open to anyone, the club is known for promoting tolerance towards players coming from an LGBT background.

Dublin Devils Football Club are Ireland’s only gay football team and have been around since 2005.

the club has gone from strength to strength and things have never been stronger.

Wellfest 2018

The wellness event of the year in Ireland returns 12-13 May 2018 in our brand new venue, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin. Combining world-class professionals and brands in fitness, mental health and nutrition, WellFest is a place to be inspired, try something new and most importantly, have fun.

Deep Tissue Massage

Get all the benifits of therapeutic Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage treatments at in the heart of Dublin city. One hr treatment at 45euro

Down To Earth

Dublin’s  leading health food store, Down To Earth is  conveniently situated on South Great Georges Street, Dublin.

They supply a comprehensive range of health food supplementsvitaminsorganic foods and aromatherapy oils. They also stock natural cosmetics not tested on animals and environmentally friendly household products.

Platinum Pilates

Platinum Pilates  specializing in Pilates & Physiotherapy to bring clients closer to their health & wellness goals. Every class they teach is designed with our clients in mind.

Yoga & Pilates in Dublin

Yoga and Pilates are both forms of exercise that engage your mind and body. You can practice either activity at almost any gym or health studio, or learn them at home with a book, DVD or online tutorial. The basic forms of both exercises require only a mat and adequate floor space. Because it’s easy to adapt both exercises to your fitness level, almost anyone can enjoy the health benefits of yoga and Pilates.

Both Yoga and Pilates have become very popular in Dublin and there is no shortage of venues.